Steve Dallal

Steve’s ten-plus years of Westchester-area home building expertise have given him a unique perspective on the construction and installation of wine cellars. Frustration with the quality and efficacy of existing wine cellar products drove Steve to innovate and develop – the result was WineStudio, a custom approach to delivering the enhanced features he envisioned. Steve loves a challenge and would jump at the chance to discuss your unique wine cellar needs with you. Steve earned a BA from McGill University and an MBA from Columbia University. Steve was previously a banker at Continental Bank focusing on construction lending, distressed debt, and Latin American private equity.


Tim Gardner
Chief Operating Officer

Tim’s combined technical expertise and creativity have yielded some of the most innovative cooling systems around, a significant asset for WineStudio cellars. Tim has been particularly excited about taking on the engineering challenges presented by wine cellars and would love to help you understand the possibilities offered by your space. Tim is also an amateur viticulturalist and is currently working towards his first vintage of backyard-wine! Tim holds a BA, Anthropology from Harvard University and has completed graduate-level studies at Goshen College and New York University. Tim has significant software development and consulting experience and provides custom software solutions via his business codeHorse, Inc.