Extra capacity

WineStudio’s proprietary beveled-edge bottle openings achieve superior space efficiency. We are able to offer more than 10% additional capacity over wood racking made by other manufacturers.

We offer 3 opening sizes:

Standard: fits most normal Bordeauxs and Burgundies, many Champaigns, 9.0 bottles per square foot;
10 per column under counter

Oversized: fits large champaigns, oversized Burgundies (DRC), Bordeaux Magnums, 7.3 bottles per square foot;
9 per column under counter

Magnum: fits Burgundy Magnums, oversized Burgundy Magnums (DRC) , 5.8 bottles per square foot;
8 per column under counter

Horizontally, Standard to Oversized to Magnum are in the ratio of 10 to 9 to 8.